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Welcome to the Concierge Leadership
30-Day Challenge

Starts January 01, 2024


A habit is a learned automatic response. Forming new healthy habits—or breaking bad ones—involves multiple steps including making a decision to change, initiating the new behavior, and repeating it often. Building new healthy habits takes time.

The Concierge Leadership 30-Day Challenge was created by Executive Career Coach Sarah Richardson to help you
move, nourish, refresh, and connect. 



"It is our intent that you not only develop leadership goals to better lead your team, but that you enjoy the process of becoming more aligned, balanced, and in harmony with yourself and the world around you."


and the Concierge Leadership team

Challenge Overview

Daily Goals to help you move, nourish, refresh, and connect

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We designed a powerful framework to help individuals and teams move, nourish, refresh, and connect in their pursuit of success. By integrating these goals into your daily routines, you create a harmonious balance between personal well-being and professional growth. Remember, true leadership begins with nurturing ourselves and extends to inspiring and empowering those around us.

Access to a Growth-Oriented Social Circle

In the journey of leadership, one of the most crucial elements that can significantly impact our growth and success is our social circle. Surrounding ourselves with a growth-oriented social circle can be a transformative force in navigating the challenges we face as leaders. With access to our community forum, you can connect with individuals who have a shared commitment to growth, learning, and continuous improvement.

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Reach new heights of leadership excellence! From personal growth and increased self-confidence to enhanced credibility and expanded opportunities, conquering the 30-day leadership challenge will propel you forward as a leader.

Emerge victorious in your accomplishments


Growth is better with a friend.

Personal growth doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit. When you hit a snag on your path to personal growth, having an equally ambitious, growth-oriented friend to support and encourage you can be a lifelineinvite a friend and grow into smarter, stronger human beings together.

Loved By Our


Sarah's expertise, personalized approach, and inspirational guidance were pivotal in shaping my continued growth as a leader. Her steadfast positive energy and unwavering can-do attitude provided an enduring source of motivation and empowerment. The decision to collaborate with Sarah as my executive coach continues to be an unequivocally wise choice.


Chief Information Officer

— Kevin Gray

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