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3 Classic Business Books Worth Reading Now!

As some of us begin to return to the traditional work environment, prepare for business travel, and tackle life beyond Zoom, I turned to my bookshelf to seek some tried and true wisdom.

There is certainly no shortage of books on the market. Business books, in particular, flourish with new approaches to change, strategy, leadership, resilience, innovation, and influence on a continuous basis.

While the market is constantly booming with newcomers, there are three favorites I have had on my shelf for years. They are well-loved with notes in the margins, multi-color highlights, and dog-eared pages. These three classics frame enduring ideas, provide new perspectives, and create robust dialogue with colleagues who quickly engage in their experiences with the material. If they aren't already on your shelf, get them today!

Start with Why by Simon Sinek -

Sinek takes on the timeless question of what makes some organizations and the people in them more innovative, profitable, and influential than others? He highlights the importance of taking the risk and going against the status-quo to find solutions to global problems. When leaders and businesses ask 'Why' versus 'What,' they attract loyal followers, leading to lasting success.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni -

In his most famous leadership fable, Lencioni introduces us to the notion that all teams are somewhat dysfunctional, and it takes deliberate and focused action to build a great team. Successful teams are created by building trust, engaging in healthy debate, commitment, accountability, and shared goals.

What Got You Here won't Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith -

Goldsmith notes that the higher up the ladder we go, the more critical it is to hone our people skills. He shares eight leadership rules destined to keep us constantly growing and aware on our journey.

  1. You might not have a disease that behavioral change can cure

  2. Pick the right thing to change

  3. Don't delude yourself about what you really must change

  4. Don't hide from the truth you need to hear

  5. There is no ideal behavior

  6. If you can measure it, you can achieve it

  7. Monetize the result, then create a solution

  8. The best time to change is now

As leaders, we endeavor to be relevant, humble, empathetic, and capable of adapting to meet our teams where they are and bring them to new levels of success. The concepts and strategies shared in these three classics are a testament to their lasting power. In our ability to explain why, refine our people skills, and share rewards, it is tough to find a better strategy than those presented by Sinek, Goldsmith, and Lencioni. If it's been a while since you enjoyed them, be certain to pick up your copy and see how they continue to compliment your learning. If they are new to you, you will not be disappointed, and I am confident they will become staples in your library!

Happy Reading!

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